Let’s start fucking acting like it.

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Dear Trump supporters,

We are the majority.

We voted for Clinton over Trump by 3M votes in 2016.

We voted for Biden over Trump by 5M in 2020.

We are a big tent.

Democrats, Republicans, and Independents.

Center left, center-right, moderates, liberals and progressives.

We live in small towns, big cities, rural areas, and suburbs.

We are your neighbors. We pray next to you at church. We work with you.

We don’t talk about politics all the time. But we vote.

Donald Trump is leaving office on January 20. Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are going to be unifying leaders for anyone who wants to participate. …

Originally published at https://www.washingtonpost.com.

The president of the United States, the leader of the free world, has blocked me on Twitter. Did I make death threats against him? Did I use foul language or threaten his family?

Of course not.

I told him that the pope looked at him funny — using an animated GIF with some precision papal side-eye.

After the election, I programmed my phone to alert me whenever Trump tweeted. If his tweet was particularly inane, I would reply with my own equally dumb remarks and memes. Since I started doing this, I’ve accumulated a very vocal group of Twitter followers who cheer me on when I troll the president. …


The virus doesn’t care who you voted for. Stop being a dick.

Apparently, some of you assholes need some tough love right about now and I’m just the bitch to give it to you so sit down, shut up, and listen.

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I’ll apologize upfront for all the swears you’re about to read, but I’ve had it up to :jumps to the International Space Station and back: here with you fucking people and I guarantee, at least one of you assholes needs to hear this. And if you aren’t the asshole that needs to hear it, you definitely know at least one who does.

I’m begging you: wear a fucking mask when you go out in public. When I say “mask”, I mean face covering of some sort. A scarf, a bandana…a bra. Whatever it takes, just cover your fucking face. …

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  1. EVERY DISTRICT IS DIFFERENT and we ignore those differences at our peril. When our Vetting Committee started vetting Conor, we did what we always do: look at the district first. What’s the Cook PVI? What is the voting history of the district? What are the district demographics? Then we look at the candidates and choose the most progressive candidate that the district will bear. Sometimes that means we pick a Justice Democrat like Randy Bryce. Other times, that means we pick a moderate Democrat like Conor Lamb.
  2. LISTEN TO THE CAMPAIGN: Conor Lamb’s campaign knew his district. He grew up there, lived there all of his life, and understood the people. He knew that constantly bashing Trump was not going to get him elected. He knew that talking to national press was not going to get him elected. He knew that help from movie stars was not going to to get him elected. He knew that social media was not going to get him elected. (Social media played a HUGE part in fundraising for him so he could mobilize on the ground, though. That’s all you guys.) It was boots on the ground, knocking on doors, talking to voters, finding out what their fears and anxieties were that did it. This is why we always try to get campaigns on board when we do #COTD’s and Twitterstorms. It’s important to follow the campaign’s lead. For instance, if a candidate doesn’t want to go after their Republican opponent because that opponent is still popular in the district, we shouldn’t either. If they don’t want anyone from outside the district writing postcards to voters because it will turn voters off, we should respect that. …


Holly Figueroa O'Reilly

Thoroughly enjoying the second act, hoping for a third.

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